Your Prescription for Beauty™

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there’s no such thing as “one procedure fits all.” Each patient will have different anatomy, concerns, expectations and budget, which means what’s right for one patient could be entirely wrong for another. It’s like anything in the medical field; your general practitioner wouldn’t prescribe you medication without taking into concern your individual health, mental state, allergies, etc. Giving a patient the wrong medication or wrong treatment can have serious implications for their health. In a similar light, pushing a patient toward a cosmetic procedure that doesn’t address his or her individual concerns can result in psychological distress, unwarranted pain and discomfort and sometimes more serious side effects.

As a concerned plastic surgeon, I believe each individual patient needs a unique plan to address the cosmetic enhancements he or she envisions. Sitting down with each of my Vancouver cosmetic surgery patients, I take the time to explore and discuss every option, and we work together to plan out their procedure in a way that suits their timeline and budget. I call it their Prescription for Beauty™; like a prescription from a family doctor, it is customized for and conscious of all the patient’s concerns.

I’ve found that spending that extra time and working collaboratively with my patients, whether they’re there for a face lift, liposuction or breast augmentation in Vancouver, leads to a far more satisfying experience. That’s why I believe that finding a surgeon who listens, respects your input and customizes the procedure to meet your needs is so important so you can feel truly happy about your results.

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