MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants – One Surgeon’s Opinion

Women today have many great options when choosing breast implants. And while you may think that all silicone gel implants are created equally, it pays to know the differences. When helping women select breast implants in Tampa, I often recommend MENTOR MemoryGel implants due to their reputation for reliability, safety and quality. They are FDA-approved and made in the USA; The FDA-approved gel implants produced by the other two leading manufacturers are made in Costa Rica and Brazil.

More Options for a Custom Look

MENTOR MemoryGel implants offer a wide variety of options, including size, profile and surface texture. MENTOR® Volume Sizing System also allows you to participate before surgery in choosing the exact size of implant that will meet your goals and provide a long-term, excellent result.

Lasting Results

MENTOR MemoryGel breast implants are pre-filled with the latest 4th generation silicone gel. A proprietary cohesive silicone gel, MemoryGel takes its name from the fact that it retains its shape and uniformity. If a MemoryGel implant is punctured, the silicone gel does not leak out. Even if it is cut in half and squeezed, the gel does not spill out; it remains intact and maintains its shape. What’s more, the shell of the implant (also made from silicone) has excellent durability and elasticity.

A Natural Look and Feel

Women can feel confident not only in the quality and durability of MENTOR MemoryGel breast implants but also in their enhanced appearance. MemoryGel silicone closely mimics breast tissue, providing a natural look and feel. The wide variety of sizes and projections enables me to customize each procedure to the individual’s needs.

As an experienced breast augmentation surgeon, I have worked with all types of breast implants over the course of more than a decade. I find that the MENTOR MemoryGel implants allow me to deliver predictable, natural-looking results for my patients.

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