When to Turn to Cosmetic Surgery

A common question I get asked by my Idaho dermatology and patients interested in cosmetic surgery in Spokane is when they should stop considering seeing a skin care specialist and consider cosmetic surgery instead for their anti-aging needs. There is no one specific age a person reaches when they should start considering cosmetic surgery, but rather, certain characteristics may prompt a person to consider a procedure.

For instance, when a person notices an increased amount of wrinkles or fine lines, they may consider injectable fillers. Sometimes, however, injectable fillers can no longer provide enough correction to these wrinkles and fine lines, and the person may be better suited for a procedure such as a face lift.

Other women and men may be wondering when they should consider cosmetic surgery such as liposuction when weight loss via other methods has been unsuccessful. As a liposuction surgeon, I urge that patients try appropriate measures of weight loss such as eating a healthy diet and exercising before opting for procedures such as liposuction. For those that have exhausted all other measures of weight loss yet still experience areas of fat that will not disappear, liposuction may be an appropriate procedure.

In short, there is no one answer to when a person should consider cosmetic surgery. This decision should come as a last resort to other, non-invasive options. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery, and it is important to take it seriously and consider all of the factors that come with a procedure.

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