What’s a “Shaped” Breast Implant?

Anatomically shaped, or contoured, breast implants have increased in use and popularity in the U.S. That’s partially because they are newer than traditional round-shaped implants, but also because many surgeons have had success with them. But is one type of implant better than another? It depends on the patient.

What’s the Difference?

Round implants are circular. When sitting flat on a table, the top creates an arc. Shaped implants have a teardrop profile and some have a more elliptical shape. This design better simulates the natural contours of a woman’s breast. In order to retain their shape, shaped implants are a bit firmer but still soft.

Which is Better?

When selecting the right breast implant for Illinois patients, it’s not so much about which implant is better, but which implant is better for the individual woman. Body type, a patient’s personal preferences, placement location and cosmetic goals all factor into treatment planning.

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