What Is a Lipoma?

A lipoma is a benign, painless tumor composed of fatty tissue. Lipomas are smooth, round, typically movable, and usually range from under 1 centimeter to as large as 6 centimeters in diameter. They are most common in middle aged men and women, who may want them removed for cosmetic purposes.

Removal of a lipoma typically involves excision, or surgery to cut out the mass. Aside from cosmetic reasons, this is typically done in cases where the tumor causes discomfort, restricts movement, or has grown suspiciously large.

Another approach to the treatment of lipomas is lipodissolve therapy. This less invasive alternative to liposuction in Vancouver can also be used treat unsightly lipomas without surgery.

Lipodissolve, or injection lipolysis, involves small injections of a natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes, which work to dissolve fat deposits. Over the course of 3 to 4 weeks, the fat breaks down and is eliminated through the body’s natural metabolic processes. At Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre, we use this treatment as a liposuction alternative as well as for the treatment of lipomas.

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