What Is a Hair Surgery Center?

One of the main things to remember when looking for a hair restoration specialist in the San Diego area is that, unfortunately, the specialty isn’t as regulated as it should be. In fact, any doctor with a license to practice medicine can call their practice a “hair surgery center.” Because there is no medical board that specifically certifies surgical hair restoration specialists, patients can be vulnerable to slick, high-pressure advertising.

The truth is only a handful of hair surgery centers in the U.S. have qualified hair restoration surgeons and surgical staffs. La Jolla Hair Surgery Center is one of those. Our center is the only one in San Diego directed by a triple board-certified plastic surgeon with nearly 30 years’ experience in aesthetic surgery, including hair replacement surgery.

Plastic surgeons have a unique combination of extensive training in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of surgery. That translates into natural-looking results for hair restoration surgery patients.

So how do you ensure the hair surgery center you choose is reputable? Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid practices you see advertising on television infomercials. Bigger isn’t always better and, in fact, this usually means the practice is concerned more about its bottom line than its patients.
  • Ask for at least 10 sets of before-and-after photos. Be sure the photos are taken from the same angle and show the hairline.
  • Contact your state medical board. Check if there are any complaints filed against the doctor.
  • Make sure the doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon. As I noted, plastic surgeons have the most extensive training in the surgical management of all aspects of hair and scalp reconstruction and repair. You can check certification status on The American Board of Plastic Surgery’s website.

These tips should help you find the best possible hair surgery center in your area.

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