Post Weight Loss Breast Lift: Special Approaches

Post Weight Loss Breast Lift Surgery - San Francisco

After weight loss surgery, most San Francisco Bay Area women are very eager to start enjoying their new shape. Slimmer clothing, swimsuits, and physical activities are just a few of the many things that women look forward to after they have lost weight, but loose, sagging skin can compromise a woman”s happiness with her weight loss results. Breast sagginess can be especially frustrating, which is why many women choose post weight loss breast surgery in Walnut Creek to help accomplish their goals.

Post Weight Loss Breast Lift Surgery: Goals

After weight loss surgery, Walnut Creek and Bay Area women typically want to improve their breast shape in 2 ways:

  • Position: After weight loss, breasts that sag severely create a longer, less attractive cleavage line and make some women hesitate to wear revealing clothing or exercise strenuously, because of the way their breasts make them feel. By improving the breasts” position, an Oakland area post bariatric surgeon can often help patients reverse both of these problems.
  • Shape and volume: Often, stretched-out skin causes the breast tissues to spread apart and flatten, creating a “pancake” look. A firmer, rounder breast shape gives a younger and more vibrant look to the whole body.

Post Weight Loss Breast Lift Surgery: Techniques

Unlike the “average” cosmetic surgery patient, post-weight loss breast lift patients have special characteristics that need to be addressed specifically. In the typical breast lift procedure, the surgeon elevates the breast simply by removing excess tissue (usually from below and around the nipple), then closing the incision. When I perform breast lift for post weight loss surgery patients in Walnut Creek, I take the time to discuss a few approaches designed for the postbariatric shape specifically in order to help the patient evaluate which option offers the most complete results. Typical approaches may also adjust:

  • Sagging skin between the breast and the arm
  • Severely downward-pointing nipples
  • Loose upper-arm tissues
  • “Bra rolls”

Because each patient is different, no procedure or set of procedures is “ideal” for all, and each decision depends on the kinds of changes the patient expects to accomplish. When you talk with your surgeon, be clear about the kind of improvements you want to accomplish, and ask questions to make sure you understand your options clearly. Your Oakland area bariatric surgeon ought to be able to explain why a given approach makes sense, and adapt his or her procedures to create the changes you want to see.

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