Weight Gain after Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a life-saving procedure, but many of my San Francisco weight loss surgery patients are worried about regaining weight after surgery. Their concern is completely rational and reasonable because a percentage of patients do regain weight. However, the duodenal switch procedure is one of the more effective procedures that help patients lose weight and keep it off long term.

The duodenal switch has a very high success rate. Patients lose a remarkable average of 50% of their excess weight within 6 months and 90% by 18 months maintained beyond five years. Even 10 years down the road, most patients return and have still kept off the weight. This is due in part to the more natural eating habits patients have after surgery and in how the procedure works. The duodenal switch procedure forces patients to eat less and also causes their bodies to absorb fewer calories; this combination provides for long-term results as well as short-term rapid weight loss.

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