Virtual Rhinoplasty

At my practice, any patient who comes to me for rhinoplasty in Boston is offered the opportunity to have a computer imaging consultation. This gives the patient a chance to see how potential nose shapes will look on their face from all angles.

Together, we review these images in great detail and decide which style will look best and create facial balance and harmony. During the decision-making process, several factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • Facial structure
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

When a patient gets the chance to see a computerized image of their new nose before surgery, it helps them set attainable goals. Even though the virtual imaging machine can place any size and shape nose on any face, I guide the patient toward realistic expectations based on what is surgically possible and appropriate.

Seeing a virtual view of how their new noses will look provides my patients with extra knowledge and confidence. After having had the chance to explore numerous options, my patients feel more comfortable with their final decisions and therefore can be more confident about the surgical outcome.

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