More TV Moms Getting Breast Implants

One of my breast augmentation patients in Austin recently brought to my attention the growing number of television moms who are getting breast implants. One example is the young reality star Maci from the MTV show Teen Mom 2. Apparently, Maci was recently pictured in a bikini looking much more voluptuous than before. My patient asked me whether I thought this was a publicity stunt or whether more moms are choosing plastic surgery.

My answer: both.

While television stars such as Maci may choose plastic surgery to enhance their on-screen images, many regular moms are undergoing procedures such as breast enhancement for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the public eye. Most of the moms I work with have breast augmentation simply to look and feel better about themselves. They want to restore the volume and shape of their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, which often cause the breasts to sag.

Another procedure frequently chosen by moms is the tummy tuck. Austin area women who want to regain tone in their abdomens or enjoy a firm, sleek torso they never had before are good candidates for this surgery. A tummy tuck is often combined with breast augmentation in a single surgery referred to as a Mommy Makeover. This combination approach enables the surgeon to address various concerns that often result from childbearing, such as deflated breasts and poor muscle tone, and it allows for more comprehensive results.

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