Tuberous Breast Correction

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If you have breasts that appear very narrow, long, and droopy, you are probably wondering about your options to correct this problem through breast enhancement plastic surgery in Phoenix. Fortunately, this problem has a specific cause and with the right surgery and the right surgeon the results can be very good. Here are answers to some of the most important questions that should help you as you find out more about your options:

1. Do I have tuberous breast deformity?

Drooping breasts are a common problem, and it can be easy to mistake normal sagginess for tuberous breasts if you don’t know the signs. A tuberous breast develops when the lower breast tissues remain tight during breast development, forcing the growing breast to protrude through the areola. As a result, the areola looks oversized, the breasts appear to be spaced widely, and there can be a droopy appearance to the breasts.

Some women have more severe tuberous breast deformity, while for others this problem is minor; in either case, the signs are similar:

  • A high breast “base” and breast crease; this can be so severe that even for women with moderately sized breasts, the nipple area may be far below the breast crease
  • A narrow, tubular breast mound

For more severe tubular breast deformity, additional problems may also appear:

  • Enlarged, downward-pointing areolas (and sometimes enlarged nipples) where the breast tissues have pressed against the thin areola skin
  • Asymmetry in volume or shape of the breasts

2. Is a breast lift the right solution?

The “typical” answer to the problem of drooping breasts is a breast lift, but for tuberous breasts this procedure is a little more tricky, and in some cases actually isn’t the best approach. Here’s why:

A breast lift usually works by removing extra tissue from the surface of the lower breast, but for women with tuberous breasts, the problem isn’t an excess of tissue at the base of the breast – it’s too little tissue. For your Phoenix-area plastic surgeon, the challenge with these types of procedures is to add or subtract tissue from the breast mound, but at the same time adjust those tissues at the base of the breast to allow for a wider, rounder breast shape.

A breast augmentation in Phoenix or breast reduction with lift may be more appropriate than a breast lift alone, but regardless of the procedure choice, a “standard” approach just won’t do.

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