The Truth about Tummy Tuck Procedures

Women and men often consider tummy tuck in Indiana to achieve flat and toned abdomens. Learning more about this procedure can help you decide if it’s right for you.

After performing a horizontal incision in the area between the pubic hairline and navel, the surgeon removes excess fat and skin. In addition, if the patient has lax abdominal muscles, the surgeon repairs weakened abdominal muscles. Depending on your condition, the procedure may involve an additional incision around the navel to reposition your belly button.

During your consultation, your surgeon will explain what to anticipate during your recovery. In general, it is recommended that you rest and limit your movements after the procedure. You may have some swelling and pain, which typically is managed with prescription medication.

You will wear bandages to protect the incisions as well as a compression garment, which will support your abdomen as you heal. After a period of time determined by your surgeon, you will return to have your stitches removed.

Most patients can return to all of their regular activities about 6 weeks after surgery. However, there may be some restrictions required, depending on your surgery and healing process. Be sure to talk with your surgeon to make sure you understand the precautions you should follow.

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