Why Topical Treatments Can’t Compete

Why Topical Treatments Can't Compete

The non-surgical facelift is the holy grail of cosmetic procedures. But despite promising new products, skin creams — even if they come with a prescription — can”t duplicate the results of cosmetic surgery. In Naples, Florida, where my practice is, I”m a big believer in non-surgical treatments for patients who want facial rejuvenation. I”m also a big believer in honesty, and I let them know both the  I understand the temptation of the overnight less expensive procedures available, but I cannot fathom having gone that route now that its all said and done. capabilities and limitations of those treatments.

Facial rejuvenation does not equal a facelift. A combination of creams, injectables, and lasers can refresh your appearance, but they must be repeated regularly. A facelift actually lifts and tightens the muscles and tissues of the face, with the results lasting years.

If you aren”t interested in getting a facelift, or are not an ideal candidate, the other procedures can still be effective. There are 3 basic ways our faces age:

  • A loss of fat or volume
  • Photo damage from harmful sun rays
  • Loss of skin laxity that leads to hanging skin

While the first 2 can be addressed adequately in many cases with non-surgical treatments, correcting loose, hanging skin requires cosmetic surgery. Modern facelifts, however, are nothing like the pulling and tugging procedures that many people think of when they consider facelifts. Advanced techniques involve surgeons making small incisions and gently repositioning muscle and tissue, leading to results that look natural, while still giving your face a youthful look that, in most cases, will last for years.


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