The Lowdown on Torsoplasty

Many of my post weight loss patients in Sacramento are considering a lower body lift. This dramatic procedure, sometimes referred to as torsoplasty or belt lipectomy, produces significant body shaping results.

Used to reshape the entire torso, this procedure addresses common trouble spots which include the midsection, buttocks and lateral (outer) thighs. By targeting excess skin and stubborn fat deposits which affect the midbody area, it helps my patients achieve substantial improvements to their overall appearance.

Ideal candidates for this type of surgery have reached and are maintaining their goal weight. They also have moderate to severe drooping of the skin. I recommend torsoplasty for patients who want to successfully address common “trouble spots.”

  • Getting Help for Love Handles – Love handles may sound cute, but as a post weight loss patient, you know they are anything but. Torsoplasty removes an entire belt of skin and fat from around the abdomen and hips, where excess fat and loose tissue are likely to remain after significant weight loss.
  • Achieving Better Bottom Lines – People who have lost a lot of weight often have buttocks that appear flat or droopy. Torsoplasty can be used to reshape and elevate the rear. Fat repositioning or transfer also can be used to add volume if necessary.
  • Taking Your Thighs Higher – As needed, stubborn fat deposits are removed from the outer thighs to smooth their appearance. Excess skin is also removed from this area and the skin is lifted to improve the appearance of the outer thighs and buttocks.

Torsoplasty is an extensive procedure that should be performed only by a highly skilled, trained and experienced plastic surgeon. If you are considering this procedure, do your homework by consulting with several plastic surgeons and viewing before and after photographs of their patients.

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