My Top 5 Favorite Procedures

The goal of any plastic surgery procedure is to improve the life of the patient. Whether the procedure is cosmetic or reconstructive, plastic surgery can have a positive impact on the person’s mental health, self-esteem, and his or her ability to function in society. Because my job entails making a difference in someone’s life on a daily basis, I absolutely love it. Here are my top 5 favorite procedures that can have a huge impact on people’s lives:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be performed as a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure. Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation in the New Orleans and Mandeville area after losing breast volume from pregnancy and breast feeding. Other women undergo this procedure as part of their breast reconstruction after cancer. It can help a woman feel more feminine, sensual, or just more like herself.


Tummy tucks can greatly improve the lives of men and women who are troubled by a protruding abdomen and stubborn rolls of skin and fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is also a highly common procedure for those who undergo major weight loss and may have loose abdominal muscles or excess fat and skin on the abdomen. For many, a tummy tuck is the final touch on their fitness journey.


Liposuction is a versatile procedure that can improve people’s confidence greatly. Most liposuction patients are plagued by fat they can’t get rid of. For these patients, liposuction, or one of the many alternatives such as Exilis – a revolutionary non-invasive skin tightening and fat-reduction procedure – may be the only option to remove these deposits. Many liposuction patients feel freed after surgery and experience a positive boost in their self-confidence.


Facelifts can dramatically improve the aging appearance of a person’s face. The lifting can be subtle and the results can still be dramatic. Most men and women who undergo a facelift look much younger and are happy with their more youthful appearance after surgery.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction patients are probably the most satisfied plastic surgery patients. Women who choose to undergo breast reduction often are experiencing chronic back, should and neck pain due to the heavy weight of their breasts. Women feel instantly lighter after surgery and are better able to exercise, fit into clothing and enjoy activities they couldn’t before surgery.

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