Tips for Mommies After the Makeover

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In the past few years, the popularity of the Mommy Makeover has soared at my Orange County practice and around the country. As this combination of procedures meant to restore a mother”s pre-pregnancy appearance grows in popularity, I”d like to share some of my best tips for the recovery period. Here are some things that I encourage my patients to think about when they”re deciding how much help they”re going to need:

  • Child care: If you have children under the age of 2, you should consider having them stay with someone for the first few days after your surgery because you likely won”t have the energy to take care of them — or keep up with them. If you have older children, you may do fine with having a family member or friend help out by getting them off to school and making sure they get to their activities.
  • Household tasks: You”ve probably thought ahead and planned out meals so you won”t have to worry about making dinner for a few days, but don”t overlook all the of other tasks that you won”t be able take on until you heal. You may want to have someone come to your house to help with the cleaning, laundry, and any other chores that need to get done. It”s also wise to pay bills in advance in case they come due while you”re recovering.
  • Physical support: After surgery you”ll need to avoid certain physical activities while your body heals. If you have small children, you won”t be able to lift or carry them, and even simple tasks such as bathing them — or yourself — might be too difficult. It”s important to have a spouse or trusted family member or friend who you can rely on as your extra set of hands.

When you”re used to living a jam-packed, active lifestyle as a mom, it can be difficult to plan for the limitations that recovering from surgery requires. Taking the time to think about the amount of help that you”re going to need paves the way for a quicker, easier recovery.

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