Tips & Tricks for Day-of-Surgery Relaxation

You’ve done your research – about plastic surgery, your procedure, and your surgeon. You’ve made financial arrangements. You have someone to drive you home from the surgery center or hospital. You’ve filled your prescriptions and set up a relaxing space in your home or in an aftercare facility. You’re prepared. And yet, like many of my Los Angeles breast surgery patients, you may still be feeling nervous on the day of surgery. Here are some tips and tricks to help you feel at ease before your procedure.

  • Admit that you’re nervous. I’m lucky to have such a phenomenal team of people working with me. They have a warm, patient-focused attitude and truly want to help however they can. So, all a patient has to do is say “I’m scared,” and that patient will have several people eager to hold their hand (figuratively and literally) until they feel better. In fact, many of my staff members have had breast surgery themselves, so they can share their personal experience.
  • Remember that you are prepared. A good surgeon will keep you informed throughout the plastic surgery process, spending plenty of one-on-one time with you. There should be ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have. So, on the day of surgery, you should feel completely confident and prepared for surgery. The knowledge that both you and your surgeon were thorough every step of the way can be an antidote to anxiety.
  • Tune out stress by tuning-in. Listening to music can be relaxing to some people, but many others find that listening to an audiobook can provide an even better distraction for a worried mind. If you get caught-up in a story, the time you spend waiting for your breast surgery will fly by.
  • Get cozy. Sometimes getting comfy on the outside is all you need to feel more comfortable inside. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is often one of the directions you’ll receive from your surgeon for the day of your surgery. However, if your surgeon hasn’t mentioned it, it’s something I highly recommend anyway. You may be surprised by what a big difference some warm socks and soft fabric can make.

The person who can give you the best advice on how to relax is YOU! Think of other situations that have made you nervous (like taking a test) and try to remember if you did anything to make it easier. Do you have anything you can share? Please post it here and help out other women getting ready for their breast surgery. Or, for more information, read a page about the day of surgery on my gummy bear breast implants Web site.

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