3 Tips for Staying Fit After Breast Augmentation

Practicing in the Tampa area, my breast augmentation patients are often active women who make physical fitness a top priority. As a physician, I understand and stress the importance of committing to a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a realistic, effective exercise regimen. However, it’s essential for my patients to understand that, in order to ensure proper healing, they’ll have to modify their workouts for at least a couple of weeks after surgery.

Although you will not be able to resume rigorous workouts immediately, there are a few ways to maintain your fitness goals while your body heals. These include:

  • Get in the habit before surgery: Regular exercise helps you maintain a good baseline level of fitness. Working out on a schedule before your breast augmentation will make it easier to pick it back up once your surgeon determines that you’re ready.
  • Rest often: When you’re asleep, your body is working hard to replenish and heal itself. This is especially true when you’re recuperating after surgery. By overexerting yourself during the recovery process, you’re opening yourself to complications and additional downtime. Rest often, and don’t force yourself into any activities before you feel ready.
  • Create a timeline: Prior to your surgery, talk with your surgeon about a realistic timeline for resuming physical activity. Most of my breast augmentation patients are able to begin light cardiovascular exercise at the 2-week mark, including using a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine. You may require more or less time off of your feet depending on the specifics of your procedure. Exercises that strain the upper body, including weight lifting, should be postponed for at least 1 month.

If you’ve had breast augmentation surgery, be sure to consult your surgeon before resuming exercise. He or she can evaluate where you are in the recovery process and give you a better sense of when you can start enjoying your favorite activities again.

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