Predicting Results With Photos

Of course you need to look into education, training and experience when researching plastic surgeons. But the best way to see how a surgeon applies his or her knowledge and skill is to check out before and after photos.

Where to Find Before and After Photos

Many plastic surgeons provide photos of previous cases, showing the patient before and after treatment. Some doctors make these photos available on their websites. Others may keep a book at their office. Whether you look online or not, when you meet with the surgeon, ask to see photos of previous cases.

How to Assess Before and After Photos

Begin by looking at cases of patients who have similar concerns to your own. For example, if a woman interested in breast augmentation in Naperville were to visit my site, she could view my photo gallery and look specifically at breast augmentation photos. She can then find more specific photos of women with similar breasts. By looking at the results, she can get an idea of the surgeon”s abilities.

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