3 Benefits of Combining Breast Augmentation & Lift

3 Benefits of Combining Breast Augmentation & Lift

I see many patients who are unsure whether they need a breast augmentation or breast lift. Though some women can clearly benefit from one or the other, there are several compelling reasons for combining the procedures into a single surgery.

  • Cost: Financing and payment are important considerations for every patient considering elective surgery. Because cosmetic procedures are not generally covered by insurance, patients sometimes fear they will have to sacrifice quality for affordability. By combining 2 surgeries, such as breast lift and breast augmentation, patients pay only 1 fee for the surgical facility and 1 fee for anesthesia. Some practices also reduce the surgeon’s fee when 2 or more procedures are combined.
  • Convenience: All surgeries require some degree of recovery time, and aesthetic procedures are no different. Though you may be eager to go clothes shopping or slip into a swimsuit, giving your body plenty of time to heal itself will maximize your results in the long term. By undergoing multiple procedures at the same time rather than spacing them apart, you’ll reduce your overall recovery time and be ready to get back to your favorite activities sooner.
  • Comprehensive satisfaction: Combinational procedures address more than 1 area of concern. Instead of choosing between enlarging or lifting your breasts, you’ll be able to accomplish both in a single customized procedure. The maximized results of a combinational procedure often increase patient satisfaction, leading to better long-term outcomes.

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