The New Facelift

In Chicago, plastic surgery procedures such as the facelift have evolved tremendously in recent years. Modern techniques produce natural-looking results that are customized to your preferences and your anatomy.
In the past, a facelift was more likely to create an unnaturally tight appearance in the patient’s face. This is because the old technique involved pulling just the skin of the face tighter.

Through years of work and research in the science of plastic surgery, I have developed a modern approach to the facelift. This method gets to the real root of the problem, which is the slack, sagging muscle and other soft tissue compartments beneath the skin.

Using this modern method, I release deep tissues of the face in order to tighten and reposition them to the locations they held before age and gravity took their toll. Rather than being pulled and stretched separately, the skin stays connected to the deeper tissue, which leads to long-lasting, natural-looking results.

The facelift has certainly come a long way, but watch out for marketing ploys advertising quick and easy “alternative” lifts. These procedures often involve limited or minimal repositioning of the deeper tissues, which can result in an unnatural look or results that do not last. Be sure to consult with one of the highly respected and trusted plastic surgeons in Chicago before you move ahead with any cosmetic procedure.

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