Cosmetic Surgery for What’s “Only Skin-Deep”

Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery in Tampa, Florida - Skin Quality is Important

Cosmetic surgery is more than “skin deep,” but I think sometimes patients and surgeons could actually focus a little more on the surface level … specifically, the skin. I’m thinking in particular of liposuction, where even though the main goal of the surgery is a deeper-level adjustment, close attention to surface details like skin quality can make a big difference in a patient’s surgical outcome.

Why it matters: Liposuction plastic surgery in Tampa, Florida is designed to get rid of small areas of fat that make a patient look imbalanced or bulky. Sometimes, though, the surgeon’s technique or the patient’s age or genetics mean that the skin won’t tighten up properly after the procedure, and the results won’t look as tight and firm as they ought to.

At the supermarket checkout stands you’ve probably seen pictures of celebrities whose liposuction or other plastic surgery results fell below expectations, and many times the biggest reason these results are unflattering is that the skin looks abnormal. Here’s what you can do to help ensure firmer skin after liposuction:

  • Go high-tech: Laser and ultrasonic liposuction use heat to melt fat and tighten skin. My personal preference is Smartlipo™, which in my experience offers superior tightening effects, but some surgeons are getting good results with other variations as well.
  • Think “moderate” improvements and avoid extreme or unnecessary over-reductions that remove too much of the fatty layer that skin needs to look smooth.
  • Wear your compression garments during healing and follow all your post-procedure instructions.
  • Avoid the sun: This is a bigger issue with facial liposuction procedures, but even on body liposuction, sun damage will loosen and wrinkle skin, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

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