Talking to Your Kids About Plastic Surgery

Many moms who choose to have breast augmentation with a tummy tuck in Dallas are unsure about how to tell their children that they are having plastic surgery, especially if the children are adolescents. The thought of surgery can be both unsettling and confusing to your children if they do not understand the reasoning behind your decision.

I have found that the most successful conversations occur when my patients take the following steps:

  • Communicate openly.

Discussing plastic surgery, rather than keeping it a secret, gives your family members the chance to express their feelings and opinions. Older children are exposed to plastic surgery through television and magazines, so you may communicate more freely with them since they have a better understanding of the subject. Younger children, on the other hand, will benefit from clear, simple explanations without getting too involved in the details of surgery.

  • Invite them to ask questions.

It’s important that your loved ones understand your reasons and motivations for surgery. It gives them perspective and helps calm their concerns about the procedure. Focus on the way the surgery will make you feel (confident, strong, empowered) rather than on how it will make you look. Also, invite your children or family members to meet your surgeon and ask specific questions about your procedure.

  • Remain honest.

Do not attempt to sugar-coat the realities of plastic surgery, especially if your children are teenagers. They will see right through it. Explain to them the benefits and risks of your procedure, and discuss the recovery process so that they will know what to expect. Be careful not to overemphasize your position on plastic surgery or push your beliefs on your loved ones. Instead, communicate with a directness that illustrates your confidence in your decision.

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