SVELT for Fat Transfer

SVELT for Fat Transfer

My liposuction patients in the San Jose area are often curious about fat transfer, a procedure which uses fat harvested during liposuction to enhance other parts of the body. This procedure is rapidly growing in popularity, especially among patients who are curious about implants or dermal fillers but are wary of adding outside substances to their bodies. People who undergo fat transfer also have the added bonus of reducing the amount of unwanted fat in other parts of their bodies.

I offer my patients the option to undergo small-volume elective liposuction transfer, or SVELT. This procedure, used most often to enhance the breasts, is performed in-office with local anesthesia. I perform SVELT over the course of several appointments rather than 1 large procedure. There are numerous advantages to a series of smaller fat grafts:

  • Relatively quick and comfortable
  • No operating room or facility fees
  • Increased fat survival
  • Gradual, subtle results
  • You can drive yourself home immediately

Because the fat used in a fat transfer comes from the patient’s own body, it’s extremely safe — there are no allergies or reactions to worry about. Here are the 3 parts of the body most commonly associated with fat transfer:

  • Face: Fat can take the place of injectable dermal fillers when it comes to minimizing facial lines and wrinkles. Harvested fat can also replace volume in the chin, cheeks, and lips that has diminished due to age.
  • Breasts: A natural breast augmentation is one performed via fat transfer instead of implants. I often recommend this surgery to women who want only a subtle change in breast volume. Using the patient’s own fat creates a natural-looking appearance and feel, and usually increases the size of the breasts by a cup size.
  • Buttocks: Many people would like to increase the size or enhance the shape of their buttocks. But because of their location, implants used in the buttocks are prone to rupture. And injections of other substances, including silicone, are illegal and very dangerous. A Brazilian butt lift is a butt augmentation that uses fat transfer. It’s one of the few options for buttock augmentation that’s been proven safe and effective.

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