Special Considerations for Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

If you have recently undergone a major weight loss in Walnut Creek, you may want to think about plastic surgery to sculpt your new body. Post-weight-loss procedures such as arm lift, tummy tuck, breast lift and thigh lift can refine your new look by removing extra skin and shaping more attractive contours. For a successful surgical outcome, keep these 3 considerations in mind:

1. Overall Health

Being in good health before undergoing plastic surgery is extremely important. I perform a complete physical evaluation on each of my patients to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery.

2. Weight Stability

Since weight fluctuation can alter the results of plastic surgery, I usually ask my weight loss patients to wait to have surgery until their weight has reached a plateau. Usually, this is about 1 year after undergoing bariatric surgery or after adopting a healthier lifestyle. Your plastic surgery results will last much longer if you are able to maintain the same weight that you had at the time of surgery.

3. Expectations

I always try to set realistic expectations with my patients and make sure they understand what plastic surgery can and can’t do. This includes discussing all of the available options, as well as expected results and possible complications. It’s important to me that my patients have all the information they need to be psychologically ready to deal with the mental and physical effects of surgery.

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