Non-Invasive Fat and Cellulite Removal

Liposuction in Boston is commonly chosen to improve the look of body contours; however, many people don’t realize that liposuction may not reduce the appearance of cellulite. For men and women looking for a noninvasive way to smooth and reshape their body, a new treatment called SmoothShapes® may be a better fit. This cosmetic laser treatment is FDA-approved to improve the look of skin irregularities without lipo in Boston.

Who can benefit from SmoothShapes?

Because SmoothShapes is appropriate for all skin types, almost everyone with skin dimpling can benefit from this procedure. Both men and women with various skin types and skin tones can be treated.

How does SmoothShapes work?

SmoothShapes combines deep tissue massage with concentrated laser energy to target cellulite. The laser beam increases the metabolism of fat cells while also stimulating collagen production to help tighten the skin. Massage rollers help to eliminate the fat cells from the body. Usually, a series of treatments is recommended for best results.

What does a treatment session feel like?

During your procedure, you may experience a sensation of heat and massage. Most of our patients find the procedure very comfortable and do not require any kind of pain medication. Afterward, your skin may be slightly flushed or red, but should return to normal within the next day or so.

How much recovery time is needed?

There is no recovery time necessary after a SmoothShapes treatment. You can return to your normal routine that day, and your skin will continue to look smoother and healthier over the next several weeks.

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