Smoking and Breast Sagginess: An Unhealthy Connection

Smoking and Houston Breast Enlargement / Lift

As plastic surgeon who focuses on breast enlargement and body contouring, I would like to outline a few facts about the negative effects smoking has on breast aesthetics and breast surgery.

Because smoking inhibits healthy circulation and starves tissues (especially skin) of nutrients, it can affect delicate breast tissues dramatically. Often, I will meet with women who used to smoke and are now interested in breast enlargement in Houston, when in reality their breast volume may be fine – their damaged skin is simply failing to hold their breasts in an attractive position.

Smokers, much earlier than most women, will start to develop a “flat,” droopy look that is nothing like the perky shape they used to enjoy. As a plastic surgeon, I help many of these women restore their shape very effectively (and attractively) through procedures like breast lift. For most plastic surgery procedures, patients generally need to stop smoking completely several months before and after their surgery.


Smoking delays wound healing, poses extra risks of capsular contracture, and tends to prevent scars from healing in attractive ways. I value the ways patients’ lives and lifestyles change, and I am sensitive to the effort it takes to make this kind of alteration to your habits. If you are a smoker who is worried that her breasts are starting to look less attractive, though, I would strongly recommend quitting as the first step toward improving your health and getting the shape you want.

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