How Smoking Affects Facelift Surgery

Most individuals who smoke are aware of numerous health hazards. However, smokers considering plastic surgery are sometimes unaware of the effects smoking has on procedures such as a facelift in Austin, TX.

Smoking interferes with the body’s ability to heal, meaning that your recovery period could be prolonged if you smoke before or after the procedure. Generally, I ask my patients to refrain from smoking for 6 weeks before their operation and abstain for at least a few more weeks afterward.

Smoking also accelerates the effects of aging, which means that in order to keep your youthful new look, you may want to consider quitting entirely.

Some additional complications that can result from smoking include:

  • Greater risk of infection
  • Constricted blood flow
  • Increased free radical damage
  • Poor wound healing
  • Longer recovery

Being healthy is essential for a successful surgical procedure and recovery. Quitting or abstaining from smoking can help you reduce the level of risk involved with your operation.

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