Sizing Up Your Breast Implant Options

One of the reasons women seek revision breast augmentation surgery is to change the size of their breast implants. At my Tampa Bay practice, I try to avoid this by educating my patients and listening closely to their goals and preferences. I thoroughly spend time before surgery to work with the patient and establish clear expectations so that she will ultimately be pleased with the size of her implants.

I encourage my breast augmentation patients to do plenty of research regarding their size options. I tell them to bring in photos of their ideal sizes to help me visualize their goals. Choosing an implant size is a major decision, and a good surgeon will be dedicated to guiding patients through the process without pushing them in one direction or another.

I spend time with each of my patients before surgery utilizing the Mentor Volume Sizing System to assist patients in determining the best implant for their individual goals. Utilizing this sizing system, a breast augmentation patient is able to try on different sizes at a preoperative appointment to visualize the results before surgery. My nurse and I are an active part of this process with every one of my patients to customize the results to each patient’s goals. Additionally, some patients invite friends or loved ones for support and second opinions.

In addition to preoperative sizing, I also use Mentor sterile sizers in surgery. I spend this extra time in surgery with each of my patients to make sure that the final permanent implant position, symmetry and shape is visually perfect before committing to the final implant. By utilizing sizers prior to inserting the final implants, I can be 100% sure of what the outcome will look like before the incisions are closed.

It’s normal to change your mind a few times when you’re making decisions about your own breast augmentation surgery. When you choose a board-certified surgeon who understands the nature of the implant selection process, you’re improving the odds that you’ll be thrilled with your results for the long term.

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