7 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

Advanced signs of aging might require a facelift

February is “American Heart Month,” and it’s an opportunity for people who have had success with weight loss or are still trying to lose those extra pounds to prioritize their goals and make a plan to stay happy and healthy. The American Heart Association has suggested “7 simple steps” that everyone can take to have a healthy heart. Yet these “simple” steps aren’t so simple for everyone – weight loss patients are just one example.

Most massive weight loss patients see a distinct improvement in their health and overall well-being. Of course these men and women would like to see that improvement last, but it takes a committed effort to stay healthy and active. This can be especially hard for people who have spent much of their lives struggling with their weight. People who have lost a lot of weight also face another challenge – excess skin left behind from when they were heavier.

Excess skin can cause a number of problems, which is why Sacramento plastic surgeons like myself educate weight loss patients about a series of procedures that can reduce excess skin, thereby helping them maintain their healthy weight and active lifestyle. These body contouring procedures can improve shape and tighten skin on the mid-body, chest, arms, thighs, and even the face and neck.

Even after a bariatric surgery procedure, it can be a challenge to keep the weight off. It helps many patients to focus on the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, and as American Heart Month reminds us, one crucial reason to keep the weight off is to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Obesity is considered a major risk factor for heart disease as well as health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even diabetes.

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