3 Secrets to Great Breast Augmentation

I have 3 important steps that I always take in order to achieve great results for my patients undergoing breast augmentation in Indiana. Here they are:

  • Understand the patient’s goals

Knowing what my patients want from surgery and helping them establish realistic expectations is an important part of the consultation process. I encourage my breast augmentation patients to bring in pictures of breasts they like so I can get a clear understanding of their aesthetic preferences. Then, I carefully assess their current breast dimensions, skin quality and overall health to determine if the results they are hoping for are feasible. I make every effort to answer questions and facilitate communication so that my patients can make good choices regarding their breast augmentation procedures.

  • Focus on proportion and symmetry

Choosing the right implant size is extremely important for ensuring attractive results. I typically suggest breast implants that are proportional to a woman’s body, because they will produce results that will be the most flattering and natural looking. However, I understand that every woman has a different idea of what is beautiful. Some women prefer larger implants, some smaller, depending on their personal styles. Therefore, although I may suggest the most appropriate implant option, the patient ultimately decides which size is right for her.

  • Minimize scarring

Breast augmentation is most effective and most beautiful when scars are discretely concealed. For this reason, I position incisions carefully. The incision positions I prefer are along the crease under the breast, or around the areola.

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