How You Can Get Rid of "Cankles"

Liposuction plastic surgery in Seattle for cankles

Cankles. It”s not a medical term by any stretch, but plenty of people are wondering what they can do to create a more shapely leg and avoid this problem. First a little background for the uninitiated: ideally, a woman”s leg tapers gracefully from the calf to the foot; however, for many women, there is no narrowing from the lower leg through the ankle. The ankle is chubby or wide and can make legs look less feminine. Many women want to know if there is any surefire way to rid themselves of cankles (calf ankle), which can remain even with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Walk This Way

Several gyms and shoe companies have claimed to reduce the appearance of cankles. Gold”s Gym recommends a strenuous combination of squats, calf raises, and jumping rope. Other gyms recommend brisk daily walks or kickboxing. Even shoe companies have jumped on the bandwagon with products such as “Fit Flops.” At the end of the day, most people feel they”ve walked their way into a dead-end; their cankles just won”t go away. After months of frustration, many people are turning to the body-sculpting results of plastic surgery in Seattle.

Is Liposuction an Option?

Liposuction is a popular procedure to create a toned look for the stomach, hips, and upper arms. Many surgeons are now also offering liposuction as a way to treat cankles. Although the unique anatomy of the lower leg may make liposuction for cankles more difficult than it would be in other areas of the body, patients in Seattle considering liposuction for the lower leg can achieve several benefits:

  • If people maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, fat removed through liposuction will not return to the treated areas
  • Most men and women are able to resume their normal activities only a week after surgery
  • When performed by a skilled surgeon, liposuction is safe and effective

Ultimately, the only way to determine if your cankles can be reduced with liposuction is to make an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will carefully examine the possible causes of swollen ankles (to eliminate the possibility of any medical condition) and determine the best treatment plan.

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