Question and Answer: Do Patients Recover More Slowly in Rainy Weather?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, at certain times of the year, things can get a little soggy (although truth be told, the weather is spectacular here in the summer). Most places it is not sunny and 75 degrees every day, and even though you”re going to be recovering from cosmetic surgery indoors, some people wonder if the weather has any effect on recovery times. The short answer: No.

Seattle cosmetic surgery patients have procedures year-round, and in recent years there”s been more research into how body processes change seasonally. However, your body”s healing processes will not “slow down” recovery just because the weather is bad.

It is true that hot weather can make the recovery period feel a little longer and less comfortable, and for this reason some people prefer to plan surgery in the fall and winter months. There are a couple other benefits to having surgery at this time of year as well: patients are less likely to feel tempted to take on too much activity too soon. weather and cover-up clothing actually make recovery a little more convenient for procedures like breast augmentation and abdominoplasty, where you have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after surgery.

A word of caution about surgery any time of the year: Inclement weather doesn”t have a direct effect on your recovery time, but you these kinds of “environmental” factors can affect the health habits that DO influence your healing process.

Rest after surgery is extremely important, but sometimes the winter “hibernation” impulse will prompt a patient to stay a little too sedentary post-surgery. Make sure you”re following your surgeon”s instructions to get up and move around frequently – especially after breast augmentation or Seattle body-contouring plastic surgery. This activity will help prevent blood clots and encourage healthy circulation while you heal.

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