The Truth about Breast Implant Web sites

If you have been considering breast implants in Indiana, you have more than likely run across a few Web sites that dramatize unfavorable results. “Scary” plastic surgery Web sites are created with the intention of discouraging people from having cosmetic surgery, so you must keep in mind the validity of these sites when searching for credible sources. Ask yourself these questions when looking for information about your procedure:

Who created this site?

The majority of “scary sites” are not created by a trained plastic surgeon. Therefore, unlike medical professionals who must adhere to strict ethical codes of conduct, these individuals are not required to provide accurate information and may falsify content, tamper with photos, or make outrageous claims. Because there is no regulating body to monitor the credibility of these Web sites, there is no way to know if the information is true.

Why was this Web site created?

Often, scary Web sites are created to discourage people from plastic surgery. This could be due to personal beliefs about cosmetic surgery, a negative experience, or some other reason. Regardless, your decision for plastic surgery is your own and should not be influenced by the opinion of others.

What are the real risks of surgery?

All surgery comes with risk. However, cosmetic surgery doesn”t have to be scary. By choosing a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon that you can trust, you can greatly improve your experience before, during, and after your procedure. Make an appointment to speak with a qualified professional who can explain your options and provide reliable, trustworthy information.

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