Your Abdominoplasty Outcome: Form and Function

Board-certified plastic surgeons have special training in creating results that not only look right but also function appropriately in relation to the rest of your body. This is particularly important for cosmetic procedures that can affect essential functions like breathing (rhinoplasty) or a patient”s range of motion. For instance, because a tummy tuck involves re-tightening the abdominal muscles, many of my Modesto and Walnut Creek abdominoplasty patients are initially concerned about how the procedure might affect their level of physical activity. As you plan your procedure, you should know what steps you can take to achieve your goals while ensuring a healthy result.

Tummy Tuck Basics

A tummy tuck tones the abdominal area by removing loose, excess tissues and tightening abdominal muscles that have stretched and torn, often as a result of weight loss or pregnancy.

In the typical Tracy or San Ramon tummy tuck procedure, I begin with an incision between the patient”s hips. To tighten stretched-out abdominal muscles I will create a vertical line of small stitches that keeps the muscles in a firmer, flatter position. After re-draping the tissues above the muscle, I will remove any excess skin and fat, re-position the belly button, and stitch the area closed along the original incision.

Ways You Can Improve Your Results:

1. Choose a Surgeon You Trust

Abdominoplasty is a safe and trusted procedure when performed by a properly-trained surgeon. While all tummy tuck procedures aim to tone and tighten the abdomen, your surgeon actually has a variety of approaches to choose from. The two basic options are:

  • Complete/”Full” abdominoplasty
  • Partial/”Mini” abdominoplasty

In addition, patients who need more extensive mid-body cosmetic correction will often benefit from a “circumferential” abdominoplasty to eliminate excess tissue in the hips or upper buttocks as well as the stomach area. This technique is a common choice for those who need abdominoplasty after significant weight loss. An experienced surgeon will be able to choose an approach that is tailored to your unique body needs and anatomy.

2. Evaluate Your Health Habits

Contrary to the belief of some people who come to my office considering a San Ramon abdominoplasty, this procedure is not meant for severely overweight patients. Healthy habits are one of the best indicators of surgical success, and patients who follow a consistent, healthy diet and exercise plan in the months leading up to their surgery will be able to enjoy a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Although the risk of complications is very low (less than 1%), patients who do not maintain their body through healthy eating and regular exercise before surgery are more likely to experience post-operative problems.

3. Take the Time to Plan Your Recovery

Even San Ramon mini tummy tucks are invasive surgical procedures and require rest and relaxation during healing. Your surgeon can identify the level of physical activity that is appropriate for each stage of recovery. For your overall wellbeing, it is very important that you not engage in strenuous activities until given clearance by your doctor. And if you are having a more complete makeover that combines a tummy tuck with breast augmentation, breast lift, or other enhancements, you will need to allow your body extra time to bounce back.

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