San Diego Fraxel® Laser Therapy for Sun-Damaged Skin

You love the time you spend soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors, but you certainly don’t love the potentially serious effects of sun damage, which can destroy tissues, cause skin cancers, and prematurely age skin on your face, hands, and body.
A revolutionary new technology for men and women in San Diego, Fraxel® laser therapy, encourages skin renewal without the pain, downtime, and procedural risks associated with ablative procedures that remove surface layers of skin.

What Does Sun Damage Look Like?

Many people think that temporary sunburn or freckling is the only sign of sun damage, but in reality, sun exposure over the course of your life causes gradual changes in the cellular structures of your skin. Most of this damage usually occurs before you turn 20, but you only begin to see its effects in early aging signs that appear in your 30s and 40s.

A few visible indications of sun damage include:

  • Deep wrinkles that appear even when your face is at rest
  • Sun-induced “age” spots – large irregular freckles or new patches of dark or white-spotted skin
  • Dryness, roughness, or scaly texture to skin (particularly on the neck)
  • Redness from an increase in the number of tiny blood vessels that cluster on the skin’s surface in sun-exposed areas such as the cheeks and nose
  • Increased thickness and dryness of lip tissue, which may appear patchy scaly-white and bruised or chapped

What Do Fraxel Treatments Offer that Ablative Methods Cannot?

San Diego Fraxel laser treatments use tiny pulses of light to penetrate deep into the epidermis and dermis. The microscopic columns of light destroy dead skin cells and stimulate deeper layers of collagen to become more active. The deeper skin tissue begins to reinforce itself, gradually creating a smoother and fuller surface appearance.

Compared to ablative techniques such as microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing, Fraxel prompts skin to remodel itself without severely disrupting surface tissues. This means Fraxel treatments can help San Diego men and women rejuvenate their skin more comfortably. The Fraxel laser is effective in treating all of the signs of sun damage mentioned above, with consistently positive results.

As always, the best defense against sun damage is to wear a high-quality, high-SPF sunscreen – and plenty of it – whenever you go outdoors. But for those who are starting to see the toll that years of sun exposure has taken on their skin, the Fraxel laser may be an excellent option for improving skin appearance and overall health.

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