Breast Augmentation: When’s the Right Time?

San Diego breast augmentation surgeon answers the question, "When is the right time?"

There’s no doubt that breast augmentation can be life-changing, but women should still be careful about what they expect from their procedure and when they choose to have it.

Plenty of my cosmetic surgery patients choose San Diego area breast augmentation to celebrate some kind of life-changing event – they’re getting married or promoted, or their children have graduated – and they decide to do something for themselves to celebrate the change in their lives. But if too much is happening in your life, it can be easy to make the mistake of overwhelming yourself with all the good things you expect from your surgery and yourself.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Timing

It can be natural and normal to choose a transition time in your life for plastic surgery to help create a “new you,” but choose a time in your life when your:

  • Friends and family can help you out during the healing process
  • Job situation won’t make recovery extremely stressful
  • Big events and “life changes” won’t pose unnecessary physical challenges during healing

A little stress around your surgery is normal, but keep in mind how stable your home and work life are, and take a moment to evaluate your stress levels. Many of the women I treat have years of experience working important events into a busy schedule, so “juggling” cosmetic surgery along with other events in your life might not be a problem for you. That being said, it’s still worthwhile to take a step back and evaluate how well factors like your mood, health habits, and personal relationships can hurt – or help – your surgical planning and recovery.

No one expects perfection, and it’s true that for most women breast augmentation is so attractive mainly because of that “boost” it gives to a woman’s healthy self-esteem and body image. But when you take the time to know yourself better, you will have a clearer idea of your goals and of whether now is the right time for you to move ahead with an important San Diego cosmetic surgery decision.

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