BOTOX for Overweight Patients: What’s the Draw?

San Diego BOTOX for overweight patients - does it make a difference?

Recently I”ve been hearing how some women (and men) are using BOTOX® Cosmetic and other nonsurgical treatments as part of their weight loss programs. Obviously, BOTOX doesn”t have a direct effect on your weight, but since weight loss has a great deal to do with self-perception, it seem some people are starting to include San Diego Fraxel® treatments and BOTOX injections to help supplement their other efforts to change how they look and how they see themselves.

My perspective: I have had many San Diego BOTOX and Fraxel patients tell me that their nonsurgical treatments have made a clear impact on how they think and feel about themselves. At the same time, though, I feel the need to clarify that these procedures are not automatic “fixes” to problems that need to be addressed in a much more comprehensive way.

Cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical treatments make the biggest and most positive impact when the patient sees them as a way to enhance – not create – a healthy self-image. Yes, treatments like BOTOX, Fraxel laser rejuvenation, and even San Diego laser hair removal can be a nice “pick me up” for women and men who are on the road to weight loss. But these treatments by themselves aren”t going to dramatically change your life for the better – only you have the power to do that.

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