Robert’s Story

As an Alabama plastic surgeon, my work is not solely cosmetic. I am able to use my education and training to perform reconstructive surgery, an area of my practice that can be uniquely rewarding. One of my most memorable and fulfilling experiences as a reconstructive surgeon has been working with Robert Papong. For those who don’t know, I’d like to share Robert’s story and the impact that he had on me.

Robert Papong is a remarkable young boy from the Philippines who suffered severe skin burns, particularly on his right arm and leg, during a house fire. Due to these burns, his right leg was fused to his thigh and scar tissue contracted the muscles on his leg and arm. This resulted in both limbs being unable to function correctly. Doctors believed Robert would never walk again.

Thankfully, a nurse brought Robert to the United States, where I was able to become a part of his life. I knew that Robert’s case would be challenging, but I also knew that he deserved the chance to walk, run, and play again. I called upon all of my skill and experience in performing Robert’s reconstructive procedures and was thrilled that he proved to be a “plastic surgery miracle.” His limbs are now fully functioning and he even enjoys things such as playing basketball. Robert’s progress has exceeded all of my expectations, and I am thrilled to see that he is able to lead a full and active life.

To see and hear more of Robert’s story, click here.

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