Revision Rhinoplasty: Special Concerns

Both primary and revision rhinoplasty patients should be on the lookout for surgeons who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill, but for revision patients this can be particularly important. As a facial plastic surgeon who focuses specifically on revision rhinoplasty procedures in Toronto, I can tell you that while primary and secondary rhinoplasty have the same goals, surgeons who regularly perform revision work have to develop certain skills to meet the diverse needs of these patients.

Your Surgeon Should Understand a Wide Range of Techniques

Proportionality and balance should be the goal of any cosmetic enhancement, but all too often I need to correct the work of surgeons who take an overly “aggressive” approach, removing far too much bone or soft tissue, so that certain characteristics of the nose look out of proportion with the rest of the face. In order to recreate a nose that looks proportionate and attractive, your surgeon must understand a wide range of different approaches to rhinoplasty in Toronto.

A good revision surgeon has to be able to articulate where the original surgeon’s procedure approach or sense of facial balance went wrong. Sometimes, I treat patients whose original surgeon lacked the technical skill to operate effectively, but more often the original surgeon was not able to deliver the aesthetic appearance the patient wanted.

Your Surgeon Should Focus on Your Physiology, Not His or Her “Ideal”

At the same time, your surgeon also needs to evaluate how the nose shape relates to the structure of the whole face. Toronto facial plastic surgeons use specific measurements to evaluate facial proportions, but for a quality surgeon these measurements are only a first step.

In some ways, revision rhinoplasty requires the same aesthetic sense that is necessary to reconstruct a patient’s nose after trauma, because in both cases the surgeon has to re-create some of the unique, attractive characteristics of the patient’s nose shape that have been lost.

In your surgeon’s photos of former patients, you should be able to see that he or she understands how to achieve a visual balance that seems entirely right when viewed within the context of the patient’s other features. A patient with naturally strong features, for example, may benefit from a slightly more defined nasal bridge, while extremely thin nostrils would not look right on a person with wider cheekbones and a less-bony nasal structure.

Your Surgeon Should Take a Minimalist Approach

A good Toronto facial plastic surgeon will aim to correct your nose’s shape with as little disruption to its structure as possible. In some cases it is necessary to restructure the nose significantly, but in the vast majority of cases a few specific adjustments may be enough to correct problematic characteristics without compromising the natural look of your features.

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