Out with the Old Implants, In With the New

Rewarding breast reconstruction surgery

Many women find that silicone gel breast implants look and feel more like “the real thing” than saline implants. Most of my breast enlargement patients in Indiana want a result that looks and feels as natural as possible, so they understand the appeal of silicone breast implants. Some women who have received older generation saline or silicone implants are now considering “changing out” their implants for the newer silicone technology.

While many women may think of switching to silicone, there’s a lot of misinformation about this secondary surgery and who it is performed. I’d like to clear things up.

The Claim

I read this article saying that an implant replacement would take only 45 minutes, could be performed under local anesthesia, would cost less than the original operation, and that patients could be back to work the next day. I think that these statements are gross generalizations and oversimplifications of what most implant revision surgeries are all about.

The Truth

What the above article does not acknowledge is this: each patient is different. There are a variety of factors that could affect the time/expense/invasiveness of the surgery such as the patient’s individual anatomy, the difference between the size of the implant they currently have and the size of the new implant, and whether there were any complications from the original procedure. I don’t disagree that, for some patients, surgery to replace their implants could be quicker than their original breast augmentation in Indiana. But the fact remains that implant revision surgery is still surgery and still requires surgical judgment along with skill and attention to detail to create a satisfying result.

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