Do Breast Implants Have an Expiration Date?

Several women who are considering breast implants in Chicago have asked me, “Will my implants expire?” While there is no specific life span for breast implants, there are certain cases that require a secondary surgery to replace one or both implants.

When to Replace Your Implants

Women who want larger breasts or a different style of implant may choose to have another breast augmentation surgery. However, it is only medically necessary to replace implants in certain cases, such as if the implant ruptures, capsular contracture forms around the implant, or the patient is experiencing discomfort with the implants.

In these situations, it is generally best to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. By taking the time to meet with your plastic surgeon, you can learn from an expert whether a revision surgery is required.

Implant Warranties

Some women have told me that they were told to change their implants every 10 years or so, due to the manufacturer’s warranty. Breast surgery is a major operation and is very demanding on the body. There is really no reason to have more than one breast enhancement surgery if the existing implants are intact and not causing problems.

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