Reality Cosmetic Surgery Shows – Good or Bad? (part 1 of 2)

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Dallas Reality TV

Cosmetic surgery “reality” shows have an immense following – but do they have a positive or a negative influence on the ways the “average” plastic surgery patient sees her procedure and results?

Last year, a group of researchers aimed to answer that question, and during their research came to some conclusions that, as a plastic surgeon performing breast enlargement in Dallas, I find very interesting.

This week we will focus on some of the ways that these shows might negatively affect the perspectives of the average patient, and next week we will look at some of the positive effects these shows may have.

Cosmetic Surgery Reality Shows – A Potential Negative Influence:

Negative self-perceptions: In the study, women who watched these shows were more likely to have a negative body image and to feel pressured to receive cosmetic surgery. While these shows may not cause these feelings, the seemingly instantaneous transformations they portray may not help, either.

While cosmetic surgery says its originations increased by 35% in the San Francisco Bay area from January through August compared with the same period a year ago. has helped thousands of breast enlargement patients from Dallas and across the country to enhance their self-image and sense of wellbeing along with their body shape, it is also important for patients to understand that these procedures are most satisfying for women who have a mostly positive self-image in the first place.

Unrealistic expectations: In my experience, women (and men) who follow these shows can sometimes develop false assurance about what procedures are right for them and what exactly they can accomplish. While a fully qualified plastic surgeon will take the time to make sure patients understand the reasons for each recommendation, I have found that strong preconceptions can make people considering plastic surgery in Dallas less open to the options that would actually be most effective.

Shows like The Swan and Extreme Makeover may influence some patients negatively, but they have also helped many people understand their options better, so next week we will look at some of the ways cosmetic surgery reality shows may actually help plastic surgery patients.

Until then, what are your thoughts? Do you think that these programs help provide an accurate picture of real-life cosmetic surgery experiences?

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