Psychological Implications of Plastic Surgery

Although many individuals in Austin consider plastic surgery, relatively few men and women are aware of the psychological implications. Just as each person’s experience with cosmetic surgery is different, so, too, are the feelings they experience after surgery.

Some people have a very positive experience that boosts their self-esteem, making them more confident and heightening their sense of empowerment. Others, however, may struggle to adjust to their appearance and can experience feeling of depression, remorse, or anger. Your emotional reaction will depend on several factors, including:


People who have a strong, healthy self-image are more likely to experience positive emotions after plastic surgery and report an improvement in their quality of life. Conversely, men and women with a poor or negative self-perception are susceptible to undesirable feelings, such as sadness or regret.


Individuals with realistic expectations regarding their cosmetic goals are generally more satisfied and happier with their results than those who hold unrealistic views of what can be achieved through surgery. People who place too much emphasis on the transformative effects of plastic surgery may feel let down emotionally if they don’t experience a drastic change.

How to Prepare Yourself

It’s important to have an open dialog with your plastic surgeon before undergoing surgery. Be honest about your medical conditions, including your mental and emotional wellbeing. Be sure to discuss any significant changes in your life – such as a divorce, job change, or the death of a loved one – as it may be better to delay surgery temporarily.

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