PrecisionTx™: More Than Just Liposuction

I perform liposuction near Seattle on many different areas of the body. Today’s leading-edge techniques and smaller tools let surgeons focus on very small, targeted areas of fat, such as the neck and chin. Although liposuction alone can reduce the fat layer, it may not be the best choice for patients who are also bothered by skin laxity or sagging, common concerns for a lot of liposuction patients. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and it’s not as involved as facelift surgery or other procedures that remove skin.

PrecisionTx is an advanced laser system that requires only a few very small incisions under the chin to tighten skin and create a sleeker, more defined profile. In the comfortable, 1-hour treatment, I insert a fine laser fiber under a patient’s skin that delivers laser energy to heat the targeted fatty tissues, stimulating collagen production, liquefying fat deposits, and causing the skin to naturally contract.

Some results of a PrecisionTx treatment are immediate, but the complete outcome generally appears gradually over the course of 3 to 6 months. Because PrecisionTx targets both fat and loose skin, the result is often more complete than with liposuction alone. To find out whether PrecisionTx is right for you, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area who offers this exciting, innovative option.

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