Pre-Operative Planning with Precision Light

When you visit Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center for breast augmentation/implants in Louisville, you will have the opportunity to view your potential results with the Precision Light 4-D software system.

One of the most important components of breast augmentation planning is the consultation with your doctor to determine your expected results from the surgery. With Precision Light 4-D software, I can now accurately show my clients what they might look like after breast augmentation. Precision”s technology takes a 3-dimensional image of the client that shows how she looks today. The fourth dimension shows the possible outcomes and how they can be varied by choosing different implant types and sizes.

This technology helps answer the questions so many patients are anxious about:

  • What size is best for my frame?
  • What is the best type of implant for me?
  • How will I look after surgery?

The imaging provides key information about your body”s symmetry, which we can take into account when planning your breast augmentation procedure. This cutting-edge technology provides you, the client, and your surgeon with a strong visual foundation to discuss your breast-augmentation options. I encourage you to consult a surgeon with Precision Light 4-D for your breast augmentation.

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