Smooth Results: How Massage Helps Kentucky Plastic Surgery Patients

Louisville, KY Massage

Studies suggest that certain kinds of massage can help my Louisville area surgical patients increase immune function, promote tissue health, prevent unsightly scarring, and ultimately help ensure a faster recovery and smoother, healthier-looking surgical results. But how do you know whether these treatments are right for you?

The Rationale behind Post-Surgery Massage

As your surgical site heals after a Louisville breast augmentation, liposuction, or other cosmetic surgery procedure, it is very important that you maintain good blood circulation and lymph flow within your tissues so that they can heal quickly and avoid forming scars.

Certain types of Louisville massage treatments help stimulate tissue and skin health and encourage lymphatic function, and some studies suggest that post-procedure massages also help your immune system and promote healthier tissue during recovery.

Treatments may begin within weeks or days of your surgery and generally fall into either of two categories:

  • Massages you perform for yourself, as instructed by your surgeon
  • Massages you receive from a medical professional, as recommended by your surgeon

Is Post-Surgical Massage Right for You?

Unfortunately, I can offer no “universal” recommendation for post-surgical massage because no surgeon’s technique and no patient’s body is exactly the same as another. However, I can give you a general idea of the kinds of massage that may be right for my patients:

Breasts: During the first week after breast augmentation, my Louisville patients typically will need to massage their breasts gently to minimize swelling and help the implants settle naturally.

Face: Many facial surgery patients should actually avoid facial massage or other Louisville, Kentucky medical spa treatments for a certain period after surgery because of the delicate nature of their procedure.

Body: While some body contouring patients may find post-surgical massage helpful, I generally recommend it only for specific patients, depending on the type and extent of their procedure.

As with any recovery recommendation, this treatment will not substitute for a skilled surgeon and appropriate postsurgical care, and is only effective when taken together with other recovery “musts” such as good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and healthy hygiene.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery near Louisville and think massage is right for you, the best thing you can do is to ask your Kentucky plastic surgeon about it directly. Remember that for some surgeons and procedures, the benefits of postsurgical massage are limited, and your surgeon may be able to recommend other treatments or helpful practices that stimulate faster recovery in different ways.

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