Questions to Ask: Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss

Patients who have undergone significant weight loss are sometimes the best candidates for cosmetic surgery. Boston women and men who have managed to stabilize their weight within a healthy range are highly motivated to maintain the healthy lifestyle they need in order to enjoy good results from any cosmetic surgery procedure.

At the same time, though, these patients present a few extra challenges because their plastic surgery needs to correct the characteristics they don”t like, like flattened breasts, while reversing some of the effects of formerly being overweight, like loose skin and extra fat deposits around the arms. Post-bariatric breast augmentation in Boston is a great example because formerly overweight women, like any breast augmentation patient, want a fuller, more naturally proportionate breast shape. But these patients have other issues that make their surgery more sensitive. Severe loss of breast volume is common after weight loss, but so is inelastic, sagging skin and severely downward-pointing nipples.

For women who are enjoying the physical and psychological benefits of a healthy, stable weight, these effects can be discouraging, and cosmetic surgery offers some highly effective solutions. Unfortunately, some cosmetic surgeons will apply breast surgery techniques that are not tailored to the needs of post weight loss patients, with the result the augmentation turns out to be disappointing in the long term. The breasts sag sooner or the implant will shift, and the patient may have to undergo revision or removal.

More competent post-bariatric breast enhancement surgeons in Boston will use techniques that are well-suited to their patients” unique needs. For instance, they may incorporate lift and liposuction strategies, which can help ensure that your breasts stay fuller and maintain their new position for much longer.

Questions to Ask

To help you find a surgeon you can trust to provide high-quality results that will address your needs as a post-weight loss patient, ask prospective surgeons these questions:

  • How many procedures of this type have you performed for post bariatric patients?
  • What kind of measures do you take to address post-weight-loss bodies specifically?
  • What should I expect from this procedure in the long term?
  • Can I see before and after pictures of your other post-bariatric patients?
  • May I meet with some of those patients to discuss their experiences?

Be sure to find someone who promotes realistic expectations about your procedure. No reputable surgeon will tell you that your body will look exactly like the body of a person who has never struggled with excessive weight. The truth is that post bariatric surgery will involve some scarring and may require combination procedures to tighten loose tissues.

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