Why Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Makes Sense

Bariatric surgery requires a lot of post-operative dedication for patients, but even after working hard to lose 50 or more pounds, patients can still be left with signs of their obesity including excess skin, cellulite or even stubborn fatty deposits that remind them of their previous weight. After investing so much time, energy, money and emotional effort into radically changing their lifestyle, it can be very disappointing when patients still look overweight or need to wear larger clothes because of excess skin. Since bariatric surgery does not treat excess skin or cellulite, many of my patients choose to undergo plastic surgery as one of the final steps in their journey toward a healthier and fitter body.

Plastic surgery can be a tool to truly sculpt the body into a new shape, bringing about great physical and psychological benefits for patients. Following body contouring procedures, my patients may fit into clothing better and may be more comfortable without all that excess skin. A patient’s self-confidence also benefits from plastic surgery; patients often feel more confident in their appearance and are not afraid to show off their new figure in a swimsuit or more fitted clothing. Once the reminders of obesity are removed, many of my patients feel liberated from their past and want to celebrate their accomplishments with greater confidence.

Procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), thigh lifts, breast lifts and other surgeries not only bring post bariatric surgery patients one step closer to their ideal shape and size, they also help patients feel like themselves again. For that benefit alone, I highly recommend that my patients undergo cosmetic plastic surgery following their obesity surgery in the Bay Area.

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