Buyer’s Remorse: Lack of Research Leads to Regret

Over 90% of cosmetic surgery patients polled in a recent study out of the UK had done some research about their procedure. Unfortunately, what most of them failed to do was conduct research about their surgeon. This lack of research has its repercussions – most notably, the study indicates that lack of research was closely linked to poor patient satisfaction.

This comes as no surprise to me. Most of my plastic surgery patients from Louisville and Lexington, KY do the necessary research, hear plenty about what to expect from me and my staff, and are happy with the results. But I can definitely see the consequences for people who make a rushed decision and don”t carefully evaluate their surgeon. Even if you choose the right procedure, one that can accomplish your cosmetic goals, the results depend entirely on the skill of the surgeon performing it.

What can you do? How about:

  • Carefully examine credentials.
  • Review the surgeon”s education and training.
  • Establish that a surgeon is board-certified.
  • Review before & after photographs of the surgeon”s work.
  • Ask to read patient testimonials.
  • Talk with friends or family members about their experiences with cosmetic surgeons.

What else did you do to educate yourself about your surgeon? Share your thoughts with fellow readers. As I tell my patients, do your research and odds are you”ll love your new look.

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